PDF Creator & PDF Writer (Custom Redistribution)
Easy, Affordable, Effortless, Reliable PDF Creation
It is the easiest and most affordable way to have your own PDF Writer. ROYALTY FREE! Just purchase the custom package once, and you're free to use or distribute it however you want.
bullet Effortlessly offer your customers a PDF writer with your own title.
bullet Affordably empower your solutions or services to create high-quality PDFs.
bullet Allow developers to integrate PDF creation on the fly.
bullet Dramatically reduce development costs. Especially for FoxPro, Access database application. Think how hard it will be to create PDFs object by object using other PDF library.
bullet Seamlessly support Terminal/Citrix Server and non-English Windows system.
bullet Easily create secured (128-bit encryption) PDF documents in a single step.
bullet Easy to use Preference Utility for setting default saving location, auto filename, view or email after creation.
bullet Able to install unlimited number of PDF Printers into one system,
bullet Combining multiple jobs into a single PDF file (extension module only).
bullet Custom-built features:
Setting the display mode,
Setting the output filename,
Setting the start number for the output PDF filename,
Setting the security,
Setting the passwords,
Setting the permissions,
Setting the background (solid color or picture),
Setting the foreground (text and picture),
Split and Merge PDF files,
Convert normal PDF file to PDF/A file,
Convert PDF file to plain text file,
bullet ... ...
We offer two custom packages:
bullet Custom PDF Writer
This edition allows you to customize every aspect of the setup program. It works like e-PDF Printer. Optional security module makes it a snap to secure (40 or 128 bit encryption) your sensitive documents before distribution.
bullet Custom PDF Writer with programmatic access
This edition also enables applications to set the output file in the registry keys programmatically. So the printer driver creates the PDF files directly without Save As dialog box. Optional extension module allows you to apply security settings (passwords and permissions) and add background to your generated PDF document programmatically.

Both packages can be installed silently, allowing for easy deployment.
For more information on our custom-build services, or to inquire about a project, please contact us.

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