How to convert PDF to PPM File on Mac?

Wanna transfer pdf to ppm file on Mac? PPM(Portable Pixmap Format) is an image file format that can be easily exchanged among different platforms. It is usually used as an intermediate format. Together with PGM(Portable Graymap Format) and PBM(Portable Bitmap Format), they form into Netpbm format, which are ASCII files that provide very basic functionality and serve as a least-common-denominator for converting pixmap, graymap, or bitmap files between different platforms.

Though PPM file is not used as often as JPG in our daily life and work, there are also many situations we may need to change pdf to ppm file. After a long way to find an efficient PDF to PPM converter for Mac, I finally found PDF to Image Converter for Mac. With the help of it, the process to convert a batch of PDF documents to PPM files becomes much easier.

PDF to Image

  • First of all, I downloaded the free trial version of PDF to Image Converter for Mac and had it installed on my Mac OS X.
  • Secondly, I opened it and added pdf documents, and then I selected ppm from the output format list.
  • Thirdly, I selected an output folder for the ppm file, and then click Convert to convert the PDF documents to ppm images.

In just 3 steps, I successfully transferred pdf to ppm. So easy! So I would like to write this article to share my experience with you.

By the way, we could also customize DPI resolution for the ppm image in “Resolution” spin box, select color depth from “Color Depth” spin box and check “Antialias Text” or “Antialias Vector” to make PDF smoother. And PDF to Image Converter for Mac can also transfer PDF files to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and TGA.

If you have the need to convert pdf to ppm file, why not stop for a while and give it a try just like me. You will get a satisfying result, I believe!

Of course, what I wrote is just a little about it, if you want to know more, you can contact

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