How to convert PDF to image file with command line program?

In your daily work, maybe you need to convert PDF to image file like BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG, TIFF, etc. But which kind of application you can use to help you fulfill the conversion? The program to be introduced in this article will be the one that you can use to make such kind of conversion and it is a command line program at the same time. The name of the program is e-PDF to Image Converter Command Line.

e-PDF to Image Converter Command Line is a program based on Windows platform, which allows you to batch convert large number of PDF files at the same time. e-PDF to Image Converter can be integrated into your own software applications or Web-server applications to convert PDF files to image files (JPG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, TGA, PCX, PNM, RAS, PBM, etc.).

So for the purpose of using this program, please click here to download the ZIP file to your computer disk and then extract it to some location. In the extracted folder, the executable file pdf2img.exe is the called program that you need to use in the conversion from PDF to image.

If you don’t know how to use this command line program, you might as well drag the file pdf2img.exe into MS-DOS interface and hit Enter button to see the command line usage of it. As long as you see the command line usage like the snapshot shown in Figure 1, you will be able to write your own command line.

usage of e-PDF to Image Converter command line

                                                                           Figure 1

For example, there are some given command line examples for your better understanding the program and write your command line without mistakes.

pdf2img.exe C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif

pdf2img.exe -f 1 -l 10 -r 300 -mono C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif

pdf2img.exe -compress 88881 -mono -multipage C:\in.pdf C:\out.tif

for %F in (D:\temp\*.pdf) do pdf2img.exe "%F" "%~dpnF.png"

Explanation to the command line:

In the first command line, you can convert PDF to image directly without setting any other parameters.

In the second command line, you can specify page page range from the 1 to 10 by the options –f and –l . Set the output image resolution as 300 DPI with the option –r. Create a monochrome image with the option –mono.

In the third command line, you can compress the target image by 204x196 G4 ClassF TIFF method with the option -compress 88881. The option -mono -multipage are used to create monochrome image and create multipage image.

The last command line is for making batch conversion by script language.

Then please hit Enter button to run the conversion from PDF to image. If you have any other questions about how to use this program, please leave your words here or you can contact the support team of e-PDF to Image Converter command line.

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