How to convert specific page PDF to image through command line?

e-PDF to Image Converter is a professional tool for you to convert specific page PDF to image with command line in Windows systems. In addition, e-PDF to Image Converter allows you to set other properties, e.g., image resolution, image bit-count, image width and height etc. very flexibly. Want to use e-PDF to Image Converter right now? Please click following download icon directly, then e-PDF to Image Converter is absolutely yours!

Download e-PDF to Image Converter for converting specific page PDF to image

e-PDF to Image Converter easily convert PDF file to image file and set specific page to convert easily, here are details with commands below:

1. Open Command Prompt window

All you need to do is:

Click Windows + R in your computer, which is hotkey to open Run dialog box, then please type cmd.exe and click ok there, finally, a window named Command Prompt could pop out directly, which is running environment of commands in Windows systems.

2. Understand usage of e-PDF to Image Converter

pdf2img.exe [options] <PDF-file> <img-file>

(Note: pdf2img.exe: tells you to type entire path of “pdf2img.exe”, [options]: tells you to input parameters which bring you related properties of image files, <PDF-file>: tells you to type source PDF path in order to add this PDF file itself and <img-file>: tells you to input targeting path for saving image files in your computer later )


3. Type commands and convert specific page PDF file to image file directly

If you understand how e-PDF to Image Converter work according to its usage, please refer to following examples to type commands in Command Prompt window:

D:\pdf2image_cmd\pdf2img.exe -f 2 -l 2 C:\source\in1.pdf C:\output\out1.tif

D:\pdf2image_cmd\pdf2img.exe -f 5 -l 5 C:\source\source1.pdf C:\output\target1.gif

(Note: –f helps you set starting page number of specific page, –l helps you set ending page number of specific page, so in examples above, page 2 and page 5 are specific page separately; to set continual specified pages of PDF for conversion from PDF file to image file, please set value of –f as smaller page number and edit value of –l as bigger page number directly, e.g., –f 5 –l 9 etc.)

So you can also change objective format of image, e.g., JPG, BMP, PNG etc. directly during typing commands in Command Prompt, then to make e-PDF to Image Converter process this mission, please click enter in Command Prompt window directly. Along with successful hint in Command Prompt window, conversion from specific page PDF file to image file with commands is finished through e-PDF to Image Converter. As you can see, e-PDF to Image Converter is smart and simple-to-operate, so why not have a try on e-PDF to Image Converter here to explore more functions by yourself?

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