How to convert printable document to PDF file in batches in a GUI program?

The program e-PDFCONVERTER Document Converter is a powerful program which is a combination of GUI version, command line version and virtual printer version. This program has the ability to convert any printable document to PDF file or image format in batches. This article aims at showing you how to convert printable document to PDF with GUI program of Document Converter. For detailed information, please see the following contents.

Please download the program by clicking here and double click the installer to install it on your computer. In the program list, you can see that there are GUI and command line program installed. Just click e-PDF Document Converter, you will see its user interface like the one shown in Figure 1.

interface of Image Document Converter

                                                                          Figure 1

For example, we can convert Word to PDF document in batches. Please click Add File (s) button to open file picker window from which you can choose all Word documents that you want to convert and add them into the program. Or you can also directly drag the Word documents and drop them into the file list.

Then please click Setting button to set parameters for the conversion from printable document to PDF file. In the popup window like the one shown in Figure 2, please choose the output format as .pdf in Output format dropdown list from all the supported ones. If you want to view the the created PDF document after the conversion, please check the option View after conversion.

set parameters for the batch conversion from printable document to PDF

                                                   Figure 2

As you want to make batch conversion, please click the third tab Save PDF Mode to choose the output mode for batch documents. In Make PDF files mode group box, you can choose to combine documents into PDF file, Convert multiple documents to multiple PDF files or Convert multiple directories to multiple PDF files. In Save mode group box, please choose a mode according to your needs. In Destination group box, please choose an option that you need for saving target files.

save mode for target file in batches

                                                   Figure 3

If you have set done all the parameters, please click OK button. When you see the user interface of Document Converter again, please click Start button to save the target files and start the conversion from printable document to PDF.

Please see the batch converted PDF documents in Figure 4.

converted batch documents

                                                                                 Figure 4

By the same way, you can also convert printable document to image in batches. If you want to purchase this application, please access into the homepage of e-PDF Document Converter. Then you will be able to see more features about it.

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