Convert printable document to PDF by command line

By using the command line application e-PDFCONVERTER you can easily convert the printable document to PDF file just by inputting some commands into MS-DOS interface. This article aims at showing you how to make the conversion from printable document to PDF and set different parameters for target file. The application to be introduced is e-PDF Document Converter.

At first, you need to download Document Converter to your computer and set it up on some location on your disk. Then please open MS-DOS interface for inputting the command line later. You can drag the executable file doc2pdf.exe which is the called program of the command line program and drop it into MS-DOS window to see the usage of the program.

Then you will see the usage window as illustrated in Figure 1.

usage of Document Converter command line

Figure 1

The command line usage is like the following one:

doc2pdf [options] <-i Document Files> [-o Output]

To understand the command line better, please see the following several examples for converting printable document to PDF file.

  1. doc2pdf -i C:\input.doc -o C:\output.pdf
  2. doc2pdf -a "Author" –t “Title” –j “Subject” -i C:\input.dwg -o C:\output.pdf
  3. doc2pdf -i C:\*.doc -o C:\*.pdf

The first example is to convert DOC to PDF document without setting any parameters. The second example is to convert DWG to PDF document and set PDF description. The last example is to convert DOC to PDF documents in batch with the wildcard.

Please see the following successfully run example shown in Figure 2.

convert printable document to PDF in MS-DOS interface

Figure 2

After you input the command line, please don’t forget to hit Enter button on the keyboard to run the conversion from printable document to PDF file. Then you need to do nothing just waiting.

For more information about Document Converter, please click here to enter the homepage of the program and you can bring up your problems to our support team as long as you don’t understand the conversion.

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