How to set print resolution/DPI during creating PDF with virtual printer

E-PDF Converter and Creator Printer is a great virtual printer for Windows users to create PDF and set PDF print resolution/DPI professionally.

It is so simple to use this software to accomplish what you want here, and to know more about them, just keep reading this article.

Step1. Download and Install

Please download installer of e-PDF Converter and Creator Printer firstly, then, just double-click this installer to follow setup wizard so that finally trial version software could be installed in your computer to use later.

Step2. Set print resolution/DPI in advance

After installation, please open Printers and Faxes panel, then, use right button of mouse to click trial version software icon, and then, select Printing Preferences on pop list, and finally, its panel could pop on screen, where you need to click tab Paper/Quality > click Advanced button there, and here is snapshot about opened preference panel:

Printing preferences panel during printing PDF with PDF resolution/dpiAfter that, another panel named Advanced Options pops on screen, and then, to set print resolution/DPI, please click one of DPIs on dropdown list Print Quality, e.g., 600dpi, etc., finally, to save DPI setting here, please click OK to make this panel disappear directly.

Here is snapshot about how to set print resolution/DPI of PDF below: Set print resolution/DPI during printing PDF with virtual printer

Step3. Print specific resolution/DPI PDF with virtual printer

Please find a printable file to print to PDF, e.g., web page, and here are steps to use e-PDF Converter and Creator Printer to print specific resolution/DPI PDF with virtual printer:

  • Open a web page in your computer
  • Click ctrl + P to open Print panel on screen
  • Select e-PDF Converter and Creator on dropdown list Name
  • Click OK on Print panel

After all basic work is done like above, and finish setting targeting folder in pop dialog box, please click Save there, and later on, you can get your own PDF with specific resolution/DPI in destination folder directly.

Here is snapshot about how to print specific print resolution/DPI PDF below:

print specific print resolution/DPI PDF with virtual printer

Here is snapshot about produced created PDF file with specific resolution/DPI through virtual printer:

created PDF after using virtual printer to create PDF

After you complete creating PDF with virtual printer, to get created PDF without any watermarks, please use full version of e-PDF Converter and Creator Printer.

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