Specify PDF page when converting PDF to DOC

To specify PDF page when you convert PDF to DOC document, a suitable program will make your work easier and quicker. The application to be introduced in this article is e-PDF To Word Converter which is specially designed to make conversion from PDF to DOC and PDF to RTF. It supports batch conversion and drag and drop operations.

With the help of e-PDF To Word Converter, you can convert all pages of PDF document or some specified PDF pages to DOC document. Please go on reading the following articles.

  1.  Download and install e-PDF To Word Converter on your computer.
  2. Open the program by double clicking the application icon or through Start menu.
  3. Add PDF file into the program by clicking Add PDF File (s) button to choose files from file picker window or directly drag and drop the files you need into the application.
  4. Click Remove or Remove button to remove the selected PDF documents or all PDF documents from the file list of the program.
  5. Choose the layout option in Output Options group box as Original Layout or Text only (No Images).
  6. Please choose output format as MS Word Document (*.DOC) if you want to convert PDF to DOC.
  7. In Page Range group box, please check Select Range option and input the start and end page number in From and To spin boxes to specify PDF pages.
  8. If the input PDF file is a password protected one, you need to input the open password of it in PDF Password edit box.
  9. If you want to view the target file after the conversion from PDF to DOC, you can check the option View after convert.
  10. Click Convert button to open the window to save target file and run the conversion and specify PDF page by one button click.

Please see the interface of e-PDF To Word Converter in Figure 1. The specified PDF pages will be smoothly convert to DOC document successfully.

convert PDF to DOC and specify PDF page in e-PDF To Word Converter

                                                                  Figure 1

If you have any questions about the conversion from PDF to DOC or PDF to RTF, please consult the support team of e-PDF.

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