How to convert password protected PDF to Word/RTF/DOC

Want to know how to convert password protected  PDF to Word – PDF to RTF or PDF to DOC through GUI interface? Just do not go away and keep reading this article here!

e-PDF to Word Converter is a smart and simple-to-use GUI tool for Windows users to convert password protected PDF file to RTF/DOC. Furthermore, this application enables conversion from password protected PDF files to Word files smoothly without any problems. The following paragraphs will tell you more details about this process:

Step1. Download and Install

Please click following icon to download install firstly, then double-click it to install trial version software in your computer.

Download e-PDF to Word Converter

Step2. Open GUI and add password protected PDF files

After installation, please run software and add PDF file with this way:

Click Add PDF File(s) on GUI interface > select password protected PDF file in pop dialog box > click Open, or just drag and drop them into processing table directly, finally, paths of selected PDF files can be in that table.

Step3. Set targeting file type and type password

Then, just click one of radios MS Word Document and Rich Text Format directly in order to set targeting format of Word files. Then, please type PDF open password in edit box PDF Password in order to make software know what it needs to process later based on protected PDF files. 🙁

Step4. Convert password protected PDF files to Word of RTF/DOC

After prepared work is done, just click Convert on GUI interface, and after you select right folder as targeting folder in pop dialog box, one click on save or ok (save is for single process; ok is for batch process) starts process from password protected PDF files to Word of RTF/DOC, then, check your targeting folder, you can find produced Word files are there, which has good quality.

Here is snapshot about GUI interface during converting password protected PDF files to Word of RTF/DOC:


GUI interface for converting password protected PDF to Word of DOC/RTF with e-PDF to Word Converter

As you can tell, e-PDF to Word Converter provides very simple process from password protected PDF files to Word files of DOC/RTF. Is it convenient for you? Moreover, for purchased e-PDF to Word Converter, we will always offer you upgrade service! So, just click following icon to purchase this smart and small software from today!

Purchase e-PDF to Word Converter

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