How to convert PDF to adjustable-JPEG-quality HTML

Want to convert PDF to HTML with adjustable JPEG quality? Then, you can use e-PDF to HTML Converter.

Sometimes, PDF files contain JPEG pictures, which are essential content for whole PDF, so, we also need to process JPEGs in PDF files accurately and flexibly. However, you may ask what if we have to convert JPEG pictures into specific quality ones in HTML? Then, here, it is my pleasure to recommend e-PDF to HTML Converter to you, for it is smart, small and professional GUI tool to help Windows users convert PDF files to HTML files with exclusive options instantly.

Want to experience this tool right now? Here is trial version of e-PDF to HTML Converter.Need to know how this tool look like? Here is snapshot about its GUI interface below:

GUI interface of e-PDF to HTML ConverterAfter snapshot of GUI interface, you will know that only several clicks help you achieve conversion from PDF file to HTML with adjustable JPEG quality in Windows systems:

Step1. Set targeting JPEG quality flexibly firstly

After GUI interface is opened as above, click on hotkey ctrl + D to open Advanced Setting panel > select tab JPEG Quality, and then, you can drag sliding bar flexibly to adjust scale for JPEG quality in HTML files, e.g., 88%, and also, you need to know, the bigger scale here is, the better quality of JPEG is, as well as the bigger size of JPEG is.Here is related snapshot to set JPEG quality through scale on Advanced Setting panel below:

Set JPEG quality during converting PDF to HTML with GUI

Optionally, to get grayscale JPEG in HTML file later, just click check-box Grayscale directly. At last, one click on Ok on this panel enables successful saving and setting for later process.

Step2. Add PDF file, set destination folder and convert PDF to adjustable-JPEG-quality HTML

Also, one click on Ok helps you close that panel, too, so, you can be on GUI interface, again, and then, click hotkey ctrl + F to add PDF file originally from pop dialog box with one click on Open, and then, software provides another dialog box, where destination folder can be selected, and with one click on save, software starts conversion, and a few seconds later, targeting HTML file with specific JPEG quality can be produced into destination folder from PDF file containing JPEG.

After you know how to use trial software to convert PDF to adjustable-JPEG-quality HTML, if you want to know more of this software, please read the followings:

  • Support Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 platforms;
  • Accurately preserves Text, Tables, Graphics & Layout;
  • Generate Navigation, Page Index Bars;
  • Support multiple document conversions (Batch Processing);
  • Convert outer fonts into text and embedded fonts into images;
  • Support drag and drop of PDF files conversion;
  • Support PDF1.8 protocol (formerly only supported by Acrobat 9.0);
  • Converted files can be automatically loaded immediately after conversion complete;
  • Create monochrome and colorized JPEG file;
  • Support Page ranges (all, from to, individual pages);
  • Automatically link page numbers to all generated pages;
  • Allow replacement of fonts and characters in generated HTML;
  • Optimize and scale HTML code for different screen resolutions;
  • Support encrypted PDF files’ process;
  • Support insert your Homepage URL into the navigation bar;
  • The keywords of the HTML page can be set;
  • The background of the HTML page can be set;
  • The quality of JPEG file can be costumed;
  • HTML properties, e.g., HTML page title, HTML page keywords, HTML page index, can be edited.

And after key features of e-PDF to HTML Converter, to own this tool eternally, please get full version of e-PDF to HTML Converter.

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