How to convert PDF to HTML with specific page keywords

e-PDF to HTML Converter allows you to convert PDF to HTML with specific page keywords on Windows platforms. For more information about this tool, please keep reading this article.

e-PDF to HTML Converter, which is a GUI tool for Windows users, helps Windows users convert PDF files to HTML files and set HTML properties, e.g., HTML page title, HTML page background, etc.. If you need to experience how to use this tool to convert PDF file to HTML with specific page keywords, just do not hesitate to read the following paragraphs:

Step1. Download and install

Please download installer of e-PDF to HTML Converter firstly, and then, to install trial software in your computer, please do double-click installer directly and follow setup wizard till the end.

Step2. Set targeting HTML page keywords in advance

After installation, please double-click shortcut directly, and here is snapshot about GUI interface below:

GUI interface of e-PDF to HTML Converter

And then, you need to click hotkey ctrl + D in order to open Preferences panel on screen directly, and then, you can do the followings:

  • Click tab HTML Options on Preferences panel
  • Type page keywords in edit-boxes Define HTML page keywords directly, so, targeting page keywords is finished to set, which is as shown in the following snapshot:

Set HTML page keywords during converting PDF to HTML with GUI interface And finally, to save these settings, please click Ok on preferences panel, and then, this panel can be closed, too.

Step3. Add source PDF file directly

After setting HTML page keywords, you need to add source PDF file with this way:

Click hotkey ctrl + F, and then, in pop dialog box, you need to select PDF file > click Open, and then, it is successful to add source PDF file for conversion.

Step4. Set targeting folder and convert PDF file to HTML file

After adding PDF, program provides another dialog box for you to set targeting folder, and after this, please click save directly in pop dialog box, and then, after a while, when you check destination folder, you can find targeting HTML file with page keywords located there.

Is it smooth for you to convert PDF file to HTML file with specific page keywords? To own this tool eternally, please purchase e-PDF to HTML Converter.

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