How to convert PDF to character-adjusted-space HTML

Want to convert PDF to HTML with adjustable-space characters in Windows systems? Then, you can use e-PDF to HTML Converter with the steps in the following paragraphs.

e-PDF to HTML Converter allows you to convert PDF files to HTML files and set HTML properties, e.g., HTML hyperlinks, HTML page keywords, HTML title, etc., and even for PDF character space, this smart GUI tool enables you to operate, too. And for more info about this simple-to-use tool and details about conversion from PDF file to HTML with adjusted-space characters, welcome to read the followings:

Step1. Download and install

You need to download installer of e-PDF to HTML Converter, and then, double-click shortcut to install trial software in your computer directly.Thus. it can be used in later process of yours.

Step2. Run software and set HTML character space

After successful installation of trial software, double-click on shortcut of software leads to the opening of GUI interface, and then, you can use hotkeys, which are shown in the following snapshot to proceed for other operations.

GUI interface of e-PDF to HTML Converter As you can tell from snapshot above, after you click hotkey ctrl + D on screen, you can get Preferences panel opened on screen directly, and then, you can click tab Character Position directly to do the followings:

  • If you need to make software process character spaces automatically, please click check-box Auto process the spaces directly so that you can avoid customization
  • If you would like to edit space between characters, please click up-and-down arrow keys to adjust integer in edit-box Space between characters, for instance, 50 signals character space in HTML will be 50, etc.

Here is snapshot about operations mentioned based on character space adjustment:

Adjust character space during converting PDF to HTML with GUI Step3. Add source PDF files, select targeting folder and convert PDF file to HTML file with character-space adjusted

After setting character space, please click hotkey ctrl + F, and then, in pop dialog box select PDF files to process and click Open so that source PDF files can be added successfully. However, it is not over – after pop dialog box for adding PDF successfully, another dialog box pops on screen, where you can set destination folder, and then, after click on save or Ok (if single PDF process, it is save; if batch PDFs process, it is Ok), software processes this conversion for you instantly, and a few seconds later, HTML files with adjusted space characters could be added into destination folder.

And here is the snapshot about information of processing conversions on GUI interface:

Process conversion from PDF to HTML with GUI interface of e-PDF to HTML Converter

Finally, thank you for reading this article, which is about convert PDF files to HTML files with character space adjusted. For more articles about this tool based on various functions, please bookmark this page to visit here again in the future. To solve problems you met during your own conversion, please do not hesitate to leave comments here. And to own this tool for good and process tasks without any limitations, please purchase e-PDF to HTML Converter.

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