How to batch convert PDF to HTML without pictures

The application e-PDF to HTML Converter helps you batch convert PDF to HTML without pictures on Windows platforms.So, to know how to use this tool to batch convert PDF files to HTML files without any pictures retained, please continue to read the followings:

Step1. Download and install

To own trial version of this tool in your computer, firstly, you need to download installer of e-PDF to HTML Converter, and then, follow setup wizard after double-click on installer and follow setup wizard to install it in your computer directly.

Step2. Open software and set picture mode for HTML file

Then, double-click shortcut to open GUI interface of software, and then, click hotkey ctrl + D in order to open preferences panel as below in order to do the followings:

Click tab General > select check-box Remove all pictures, after you click check-box Generate as continuous HTML page to activate check-box below it, and then, to make setting effective, and to close this panel, too, please click Ok.

Set picture removing during batch converting PDF to HTML with GUI Step3. Add source PDF files, set destination folder and batch convert PDF files to HTML files

After setting removing of pictures in PDF files, please firstly add source PDF files with this way:

Click hotkey ctrl + F directly > select right PDF files together in pop dialog box > click Open, and after this adding is finished, software provides another dialog box, and this dialog box could be used to set destination folder, after selecting folder and click on OK, and then, after software processes conversion from PDF files to HTML files as shown in following snapshot, you can find targeting HTML files without any pictures in destination folder directly.

Batch convert PDF to HTML without pictures with GUI interface

After brief description about how to use e-PDF to HTML Converter to batch convert PDF files to HTML files without pictures, for any concerns, welcome to drop comments here to let us know. And if you need to own this tool for good, just buy e-PDF to HTML Converter directly.

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