How to convert PDF to text/TXT and generate simple HTML code

e-PDF to Text Converter allows you to convert PDF to text/TXT and generate simple HTML code into text/TXT file on Windows platforms.

e-PDF to Text Converter is a great GUI application that enables Windows users to convert PDF files to text files and set targeting properties of text files, e.g., simple HTML code, output encoding, retaining original codes, etc. flexibly. With its simple GUI interface, this smart and small utility can help you more on producing text files with popular properties from PDF files singly or in batches.

After you know general information about this software, welcome to freely try it:

Download e-PDF to Text Converter to convert PDF to text

And here are steps to use e-PDF to Text Converter to convert PDF file to text/TXT file and generate simple HTML code into text file:

1. Open GUI interface and add PDF files through:

Click File > select Add Directories on pop list > choose PDF files in pop dialog box > click open there, then selected PDF files could be added into processing table directly. Or you can click Add File(s) on GUI interface > select PDF files and click open in pop dialog box. Or drag PDF files from one folder into another folder directly. Below is GUI interface containing added PDF files:

GUI interface of e-PDF to Text Converter that containing added PDF 2. After adding PDF files, please click Setting on GUI interface so that you can set simple HTML code issue:

Click Setting > select tab Base Setting, so you can get its own panel containing some properties, which could be shown like below. Then, to produce simple HTML code, please click related check-box Produce Simple HTML directly, so software can know you want to generate HTML code later.

image 3. After setting is successful like above, please click tab Save Text Mode, then choose one of saving modes there, for instance, you can click second radio so that targeting folder could be original folder of PDF files and when conversion is finished later, targeting text files could be saved

Set targeting folder during converting PDF to text/TXT After you successful setting on this panel, please click OK so that program can take you back to GUI interface again.

4. When you get back to GUI interface, please click Convert PDFs there, then based on your setting mentioned above, e-PDF to Text Converter will help you convert PDF file to text/TXT file and generate simple HTML code into targeting text/TXT file directly, and this text/TXT file could be found at targeting folder.

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