How to singly or batch convert PDF to text/TXT

e-PDF to Text Converter allows you to convert PDF to text/TXT singly or in batches on Windows platforms.

e-PDF to Text Converter is a smart GUI converter that lets you singly or batch convert PDF file to text files and set properties of text files. This application does run normally in all kinds of Windows systems, e.g., Win98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003. Besides, this utility supports so many languages, e.g., English, French, German, Italian, etc.. And here are steps to use it to singly or batch convert PDF file to text/TXT file:

Step1. Install e-PDF to Text Converter

If you do not have this converter, please firstly download installer here:

Download e-PDF to Text Converter to batch convert PDF to text Then, to install e-PDF to Text Converter in your computer, please double click this installer and then there can be a panel popping out, then you need to follow its setup wizard there step by step till the end, finally, this utility could be installed successfully in your computer and it could be used directly later.

Step2. Singly or batch convert PDF file to text/TXT file in your computer

Firstly, open GUI interface of this software, then singly or batch add PDF files with this way:

Click Add File(s) > select PDF files in pop dialog box e-PDF to Text Converter > click Open there, and then, selected PDF files could be added into processing form on GUI interface as shown in following screen snapshot.

GUI interface of e-PDF to Text Converter for converting PDF to text/TXT

Please click setting on GUI interface, then you can get panel popped on screen, and optional properties of text files could be edited, e.g., specific pages of PDF files setting, retaining original text layout or reading order, or even output encoding, etc., for users, it is convenient to set them separately or together with related panel like shown in following snapshot.

Panel of e-PDF to Text Converter for setting properties of text files

Besides what was mentioned above, you can also click other tabs like Save Text Mode or Password Settings to edit other related properties of text files. For tab Save Text Mode, after you click it, there could be some saving mode of text files for you to select, where you can set destination folder for saving targeting text files. Finally, when you finish setting properties of text files here, please click OK so that your setting could be saved automatically. Then, program could take you back to GUI interface again. There, you need to click Convert PDFs on GUI interface so that e-PDF to Text Converter can help you singly or batch convert PDF files to text/TXT files quickly, at the end of conversion, your text files could be added into destination folder directly.

After singly or batch converting PDF file to text file, if you want to know more merits of e-PDF to Text Converter, please see the following:

  • Extract text from encrypted PDF file to text file;
  • Support drag and drop of files;
  • Convert entire document or only a specific page range;
  • Extract hidden text layer from PDF file to text file;
  • Support monitoring multiple directories to batch convert PDF files to text files
  • Three text encodings supported: UTF-8, Latin1, and ASCII;
  • Free upgrade in the future for registered users.

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